Tradutec Group, 14th of the top 40 language service providers in Western Europe

CSA Research’s 2019 ranking illustrates the performance of Tradutec Group, which once again this year ranks 14th of the TOP 40 of Western European language service providers. With double-digit revenue growth in 2018, Tradutec Group confirms the efficiency of its translation services and multilingual solutions. Keeping pace with current technological and market developments, the efforts of its teams have once again been rewarded

(Paris, 1 July 2019) – Tradutec Group is once again pleased to be listed in the world’s TOP 100 and Europe’s TOP 40 translation companies. Released in June 2019, the latest edition of the annual report from CSA Research, an independent market research firm formerly known as Common Sense Advisory, entitled “Who’s Who in Language Services and Technology: 2019 Rankings”, takes into account the recent changes in the world’s language service providers and the capital movements in the sector.

For the record, Tradutec Group brings together around fifty people around 13 brands and specialist teams. Its strength enables it to meet all the translation, writing and other language services needs of numerous companies and administrations. If only 5 of them should be retained, its main sectors of intervention are legal, medical, luxury, technical and online content.

In this 15th annual report, CSA Research confirms the growth (in volume and value) of the sector over the past 10 years and forecasts the same growth in the coming years, estimating that the business volume of the language services industry will reach $56.18 billion by 2021.

Eric Bonnefous, CEO, comments: “In a frenetic industry concentration that has seen lately 8 of the top 20 translation companies taken over by investment funds in the space of 24 months, we are proud to continue to grow as an independent group. Our clients trust us, finding a precise and customized response to their unique needs and the proximity they expect and deserve. Increasingly important assets in today’s world where standardization, automation and disembodiment sometimes find their limits.”

“People around the world prefer to consume information in their own language. Meeting this expectation – and sometimes the legal requirements to broadcast content translated into the language of the country – fuels a global industry that is essential to international trade and which, in 2019, will generate US$49.60 billion in revenues and continue to grow thanks to the global digital transformation. LSP’s and technology developers support these international developments and local experience in all languages by providing essential translation, interpreting and localization outsourcing services to corporations, governments, NGOs and individuals around the world”, says Donald A. DePalma, founder of CSA Research.

Download the press release (in French) : Tradutec Group ranked 14th of the Top 40 translation companies in Western Europe